BladeBoot® Winter Protection

BladeBoot® The Ultimate in Wiper Blade Protection, this is your best defense against harsh weather conditions. Snow and Ice, Extreme Heat, and Storage is no match for this 100% UV protection insulated boot.

Your wipers are exposed to elements that can damage the wiper blade rubber that contacts with your windshield. Once the rubber is damaged on your blades, you fall victim to hazardous conditions such as streaking, skipping and wiper motor burn out . Raining and snowing conditions are no time to have limited visibility while driving. In addition wiper motor burn out can be life threatening. Read more…

BladeBoot® How It Works

Hassle Free - Easy to slide on and slide off design, saves you time and money.
Simply slide BladeBoot over your existing wiper blades and arm while the vehicle is parked. Your wiper blades are then shielded and well protected from snow, ice, extreme sun and heat, and storage dry rot. When you are ready to roll, simply side BladeBoot off. Read more…

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How it Works


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This product is great! Being  single mom with a young child, this product saves time.  I used it at the mall one day and it was lightly snowing when we went in.  To our surprise when we came out, it was like a blizzard.  Using BladeBoot saved so much time with us getting out of the bad weather.  I just started the car, pulled the boots off and in minutes we were able to leave.  The wipers were as clean as if I parked in a garage.  Thank you BladeBoot!
Happy Mom

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